Promotional activities

Florastar press-release Vosbol International BV. is very active in the promotion of the African Beauty Lachenalia. Recently Vosbol International has won two awards at the Florastar trials in the USA. The varieties Rupert® and Namakwa® were the winners. Of course we are very proud of that achievement.

Please visit this page for the press-release in PDF format. If you can't open this file, please download Adobe Reader from The Adobe site will open in a new window.

Vosbol is present at many shows throughout the world. We have been present in China, the USA, and countries in Europe. The products shown at these shows are grown by one of our customers.

We have pictures of quite a lot of shows available on this site. Please follow this link.

Visit the Show page

Examples of available pictures We have a lot of high quality images available. This images can be used by reporters for an article about Vosbol or the African Beauty Lachenalia. Of course they are also available for our customers. They are very well suited for printing of leaflets, tags or sleeves.

Some examples can be found here. Please note that the images shown on this site are of low quality. This speeds up the viewing for our visitors. If you are interested in the full-quality images, please contact us.