At this moment Vosbol International BV is trading the African Beauty Lachenalia worldwide, the Glamini in the United States of America and the Aloha Lily in Europe. Besides this we've endavoured in the tea market with our Rooibos Tea.

The rooibos (literally red-bush) are grown in the Cape area of South-Africa by Nieuwoudtville Rooibos (PTY) Ltd. This company takes part in the rooibos tea project which is an initiative of the Department of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development together with the rooibos tea producers.

Since rooibos is an indigenous plant endemic to the Cape, we are assured in getting only the highest natural quality. After the rooibos plant is shredded, fermented and dried, it is transferred from the Processing Factory to small tea bags and boxes for distribution to local and international markets.

Vosbol International BV imports and distributes the rooibos tea to Europe. We also take the reins managing the goods to ensure good availability and accessibility to the consumer.

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A cup of rooibos tea

Glamini The Glamini has opened a new application. The reduced height of the Glamini makes it well suitable for use in pots and gardens. This is in contrast with Gladiolus, which are easily tipped over by the wind.

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The Lachenalia is well suited for use as a pot plant. It can be grown year-round. In The Netherlands the best time for the Lachenalia proved to be winter / early spring, despite their exotic colors and appearance.

The Lachenalia is grown as pot plant in different parts of the world, like China, United States of America and The Netherlands.

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Lachenalia as pot plant