GlaminiTM is a registered trademark of COOP K.V. FOREVER.

Glamini on a table You can enjoy the Glamini in and around your home from early summer till fall. It is rich-flowering, having multiple flowers in bloom simultaneously.

The Glamini is very versatile. It can be used both in- and outdoors and as a potted plant as well as a cut-flower. You can see it in a garden, border, patio or a living room for example.

Coop K.V. Forever is a coöperative project of three breeders. Glavema B.V. handles the commercial and management aspects. Large scale hybridisation of Gladiolus started in 1998. The Glamini evolved as offspring from two big Gladiolus by coïncidence. The health and keeping quality of the Glamini is of the highest standard due to this heritage. Glamini

Height of Glamini vs Gladiolus The low volume of the Glamini makes it very suitable as a cut-flower and makes it fit in every interior. Coop K.V. Forever also cultivated many new varieties of large-flowered Gladiolus. Forever is leading the market in breeding Gladiolus.

The potted Glamini is well suited for sales campaigns in supermarkets. The pot-cover already shows a ´colorfull´ Glamini in an early stage. All necessary information and growing instructions are printed on this cover, making it directly ready for sale. Glamini with Pot cover

Potted Glamini The color scheme of the Glamini is extensive, most colors are available.

Glamini flowers are also available almost ready for sale. An independent inquiry shows that the Glamini flowers twice as long as its big brothers. It can also be kept for a longer period in the cold storage. The reduced volume saves cost in logistics. Other small-flowered varieties of Gladiolus are less suitable to be used as a cut-flower due to their reduced keeping-quality. Glamini as a cut flower

Glamini Cutting Glamini flowers are produced by Coop K.V. Forever on a large scale and are mainly sold by supermarkets. They are available in all colors. They are produced in the cool coastal area of the province Noord-Holland, assuring a high quality.