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Vosbol International BV is a trading company that is located in The Netherlands. We grow the Lachenalia bulbs in South-Africa and export this product. We also sell the Glamini bulbs in the United Stated of America and Canada. Finally we sell the Eucomis varieties of ´Golden State´ for use as potted plant or cut-flower in Europe. We are present at exhibitions and shows to promote these products.

Vosbol International is a sister-company of J.H. van der Vossen B.V., which is a large nursery specialized in potted bulbs. In winter they grow (amongst others) Tulips, Narcis, Hyancinth, Muscari, Crocus and Iris. In spring the Eucomis and Freesia are available and during the summer the Crocosmia and Glamini. It has over seven years of experience with growing the Glamini and this knowledge is used by Vosbol. That's why we don't just sell the bulbs, but we will also guide you all the way from the planting stage until delivery.

Vosbol International BV

Grown under Vosbol supervision


White potted Glamini
GlaminiTM is a registered trademark of COOP K.V. FOREVER.

The Glamini is a naturally short-stemmed version of the Gladiolus. It is specially breeded to stay short, while retaining the other Gladiolus characteristics. This makes it especially suited for growing in pots.

The Glamini bulbs are all license protected and breeded and grown by ´COOP K.V. FOREVER´ in The Netherlands. They find the best varieties for pot cultures by breeding many new varieties and making a selection. ´ForEver´ also produces the Glamini cutflowers for sale across Europe

J.H. van der Vossen B.V. is the European grower for the potted Glaminis. They have been growing the Glamini for over seven years with numbers increasing every year, mainly due to many larger orders for sales across Europe.

Vosbol International is the sales company for the Glamini outside of Europe. Our close contacts with the breeders association ´ForEver´ and the nursery ´J.H. van der Vossen B.V.´ guarantee proper support during all stages.

The Lachenalia bulbs are grown in the Cape area of South-Africa by subcontractors under the supervision of Vosbol. Since South-Africa is the Lachenalias country of origin the growing conditions are best. This makes sure we get the highest quality bulbs.

The Lachelia bulbs are also cleaned, dried and prepared for shipping in South-Africa. The bulbs are then transported to The Netherlands, where they ondergo preparation. This is done in a way that it provides the best quality and equality in flowering period.

The current cultivars are the result of years of improvement. Because of this, these cultivars are protected. The Lachenalias are sold under the African Beauty trademark. In our search for even better cultivars with different growingproperties or colorschemes the improvements continue. The bulbs can be used at any time in year. But we have to know on forehand, so we can optimize the preparation.

As you can see we are involved from beginning to end. This is just our continuous pursuit for quality.

African Beauty® Lachenalia

African Beauty Lachenalia

Aloha Lily

Aloha Lily
The Aloha Lily is a naturally compact plant with green leaves with pink dots. The plant has a nice scent and is rich flowering. The Aloha Lily ŽLeiaŽ is a unique plant with a lot of growth- and flower-strength which one can enjoy for a long time.

Vosbol International is selling the Aloha Lily in Europe for Golden State Bulb Growers.

More information and a specific product page will follow.

The rooibos (literally red-bush) are grown in the Cape area of South-Africa by Nieuwoudtville Rooibos (PTY) Ltd. This company takes part in the rooibos tea project which is an initiative of the Department of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development together with the rooibos tea producers.

Since rooibos is an indigenous plant endemic to the Cape, we are assured in getting only the highest natural quality. After the rooibos plant is shredded, fermented and dried, it is transferred from the Processing Factory to small tea bags and boxes for distribution to local and international markets.

Vosbol International BV imports and distributes the rooibos tea to Europe. We also take the reins managing the goods to ensure good availability and accessibility to the consumer.

Rooibos tea

Rooibos tea